Myths are myths, icons are icons and remain so even if time passes and public tastes change. When we say "Paris c'est toujours Paris" is a phrase that sums up this concept in full.

Those who return from the French capital are sighing while unpacking their luggage when they get home, already being nostalgic. "Paris c'est toujours Paris" because it is one and there are not more, because it is elegant and indecent, because it is culture and leisure, it is history and modernism, because it meets the expectations of everyone. Paris is everything the traveler wants to find, to enjoy and do, it’s precisely that suitcase of memories that is good for the heart and a breath of fresh air for the mind.

Depending on the length of your stay in the French capital, you can enjoy some interesting paths everyday depending on your mood and your interest and if you will be there just for a short weekend, this city will remain at your heart.

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