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  • [Roud El Farag] Cairo has always been an attractive tourist destination thanks to the large range of interests the city caters to. There... continue »
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  • [Azbakia] Islamic Cairo is the name given to the part of today’s Cairo that was first built by the Fatimid Caliphate in the... continue »
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  • [Kaser El Nile] The Egyptian Antiquities Museum houses the biggest collection of ancient Egyptian antiquities. The collection contains... continue »
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  • [Azbakia] Coptic Cairo is the oldest part of Cairo and is located, along with Islamic Cairo, in what is today called Old Cairo.... continue »
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  • [Haram] This hotel is very well located. One look out of the window and you can see the pyramids, and you are also about 20mins from the city centre. Le Méridien is surrounded by beautiful green gardens... continue »
  • [El Zaher] The Ramses Milton is located at the river Nile, in the Herat of the city. This 36-floor hotel gives you explendid views of the Nile and the Pyramids. At the hotel you can find meeting rooms, business center,... continue »
  • [Azbakia] The Marriot is located near the city center and approximately 45mins. Drive to the Cairo International Airport. From here you have splendid views of Cairo and the river Nile. Due to his location, you have good... continue »
  • [El Zaher] Located in the center of Cairo’s downtown, close to the Pyramids and the Sphinx and also a 45mins drive from the Cairo International Airport. From your room you can enjoy the beautiful views of the... continue »
Myths are myths, icons are icons and remain so even if time passes and public tastes change. When we say "Paris c'est toujours Paris" is a... continue »
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