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  • [Vågan] The Lofoten Islands lie off the coast of Norway, a thin wiggle of mountainous islands that push out into the Norwegian... continue »
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  • [Andøy] On the Vesterålen Islands, the legacy of the Vikings never seems very far away. As you view this mountainous,... continue »
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  • [Bodø] As the jumping off point to the Lofoten Islands, Bodø's port bustles with ferries and fishing boats, and... continue »
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  • [Meløy] From the Norwegian town of Bodø, the Kystrikveien Highway 17 hugs the coastline down the edge of the Saltfjellet... continue »
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  • [Bergen] Bergen likes to declare itself as "Gateway to the Fjords", but this pretty and bustling town has been... continue »
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  • [Osterøy] If any one feature defines Norway for most visitors, it is a fjord, the mighty inlets from the sea that stretch deep... continue »
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  • [Sykkylven] The Norwegian fjords are a giant work of art, sculpted from the land by the action of Ice Age glaciers that once covered... continue »
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  • [Masfjorden] While the fjords grab the tourist dollars, it's the tranquil lakes of Norway that attract the locals. A quick glimpse at... continue »
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